• Guide to Preparing a Champagne Bucket

    So many times I have been to a restaurant in Hong Kong and found that my champagne or wine is lukewarm only to discover that the staff had not prepared the ice or champagne bucket properly. Preparing your ice or champagne bucket properly will ensure quick chilling of your drinks and a constant temperature for several hours, enabling maximum enjoyment of your drinks.

    The materials you need are:


    Video: Youtube @ Everyday food

    A good metallic wine or champagne bucket can last for years and keeps things nice and cool. 

    1. Place a couple scoops of ice into ice bucket to half way full.

    2. Add a bit of water so that it just covers the ice. If you wish to speed up the chilling process, use soda water instead or add salt into the water.

    3. Rest your wine or champagne into the bucket, ensuring that the water and ice envelope the bottle.

    This fool proofway of preparing your ice or champagne bucket will ensure your drinks stay perfectly chilled. Cheers!

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