• Go Faux!

    Living in Hong Kong we know only too well that fresh flowers often wilt in no time due to our extreme climate.  Imported fresh flowers are both sensitive and expensive.  Pollen deposits can ruin upholstery and clothing.  The solution?  Go faux.

    Faux flowers are no longer a faux pas.  Indeed they are a decorators dream, adding harmony and atmosphere.  Updated technology has created amazingly lifelike petals and stems that can be arranged in a myriad of ways.  

    When considering silk flower stems for our arrangements at KARAVAN we consider a number of things: 

    • does it look right? 
    • how do the petals and leaves feel?
    • does it duplicate nature?  e.g. roses with thorns, ridges on leaves, some unopened buds, etc.
    • is it a natural colour?
    • is it well wired? Can one arrange more than just the stem?


                   Younger flower forming                   Papery texture of petals                            Detailed sepal

    Faux flowers are low maintenance, economical, great for those who are sensitive to smell or pollen and make a wonderful gift.  Our pre-tied faux bunches have been styled to accentuate the various vessels they come in and there is something for everyone.  That natural, organic look is now entirely possible by going faux.

    For Karavan's full floral arrangement collection go to: https://karavanhk.com/collections/floral-arrangements.


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