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    Given that my husband's interests seem to be limited to work, rugby and beer, it was with some trepidation that I asked what he thought someone like him might like from the KARAVAN site for Father's Day this year, or even his birthday.  After about 15 seconds of browsing (did I mention that he hates shopping?), the following items were what he plucked.

    Fizz Champagne Bucket


    "Nice for when we have people round."  I suspect that he has seen them at other people's houses and would like to keep up with the Joneses.  

    Colonial Wine Cooler


    "Handy for a picnic."  I live in hope that he will organise one but perhaps when the weather has cooled a bit.

    Buffalo Bookends


    "Would be good to give as a present to other guys."  Sorry, should have issued a spoiler alert on this for any male family members who are reading this...

    Horn Photograph Frame                            

    "Again, a good present and you can never have too many."  Oops.  Another spoiler alert issued too late.  Not a lot of creativity here but he is a man of relatively simple tastes.

    Large Chinoiserie Wall Mirror


    Finally, "The large mirror."  He said it looked smart but his ulterior motive was probably to placate me as he has heard so much about our centrepiece.  

    So there you have it, if you are wondering what a fairly regular bloke would want for himself or his mates, now you know.

    To see the full range of our recommendations see: https://karavanhk.com/collections/gifts-for-him.


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