• 5 Tips on Styling a Bar Cart - Hong Kong Style

    It is the glorious height of summer here in Hong Kong. We are all day dreaming about serving those stylish mojitos and perfectly chilled rosé to our friends and families on the weekend. A stylish and presentable bar cart can make all the difference to your entertaining game. Here are the top 5 tips we have at KARAVAN for styling your bar cart:

    1. Get drinks that come with a pretty bottle

    Many of the liquor and wine manufacturers these days pay a lot of attention to their bottle presentation. It is not difficult to find beautiful bottles of boutique liquor to dress your bar cart. For the drinks that come in a less desirable looking bottle, you can always pour them in a beautiful vintage decanter or put them in a wine cooler to add your own personal touch. 


    2. Chilled drinks create a cool vibe 

    Whether it is champagne, white wine or beer, making sure your drinks are chilled is ESSENTIAL to the success of your drinks party. Invest in a good champagne bucket or ice bucket that allows for lots of capacity to ensure that you don't have to run back and forth to the fridge to grab drinks. 


    3. Accessorise with barware 

    A simple bottle opener or cocktail shaker can spice up the look of your bar cart. It is advisable to accessorize with items that are of the same tone. For example, if you already have a metallic bar cart, placing a metallic platter for snacks would enhance the overall look.      


    4. Ensure you have the appropriate glasses 

    Easy access is key to stocking a bar cart, ensure you have champagne glasses if champagne is on the menu for the day, or if you are intending to make gin and tonics, have either the highball glasses or rock glasses available in the cart.

    5. Add an element of fresh to your bar cart 

    You can instantly uplift your bar cart by including some of the fresh ingredients that you might use in your drinks, such as a bowl of lemons or mint. To make sure your bar cart decoration is next level, put these ingredients in stylish bowls and platters that are in keeping with the overall look of the bar cart.  


    Overall, invest wisely on barware, you don't have to spend a fortune to create a beautiful bar cart that is going to be the talk of your next drinks party. Cheers!

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