• How to Create a Unique Floral Design Using Artificial Flowers

    Finding the perfect floral design to spruce up your home can be challenging, so why not make your own? Though it can seem like a daunting undertaking, it's actually a lot easier than you think, especially when using artificial flowers!

    All you need is:
    -       Vase or container of choice
    -       Artificial flowers
    -       Dry floral foam
    -       Floral tape
    -       Wire cutters or really sharp scissors

    By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll be making floral designs like a pro!

    Step 1

    First, think about your style and ask yourself these questions: What kind of interior décor is your home filled with? How will this floral design accent your space? Where will you place it? And what do you want to feel when you see this faux arrangement? Now this is supposed to be a fun project, so get your creative juices flowing and think outside the box. The purpose of these questions is to help you decide what to put your silk flowers in. Maybe you want to use traditional containers like a vase or a pot, or maybe you want to be adventurous and use a bucket or your favorite coffee mug!

    To further guide you in this process, I’m going to create a sample floral design using the vase below and some artificial flowers. This way you have a visual of what I’m describing, as well as a starting off point for yourself. So to start, I’ve chosen a patterned, white ceramic vase for my arrangement. It’s simple yet elegant and can be used in almost any room!

                           white vase

    Step 2

    So now that you’ve chosen your vase, it’s time to refer back to the questions from Step 1, except this time we’re going to use them to determine which florals you’d like to use. Be sure to pay close attention to the color and size of your florals, as well as possibly incorporating succulents or sprays. These additions can really enhance the overall look of your floral design and give your space that “wow” factor we all long for. For my arrangement, I’ve chosen artificial proteas, tulips, roses, and seven son flowers. I just love the cheerful look this combination brings!

                                   Faux Flowers

    Protea cone stem, tulip, purple rose stem, seven sons flowers (clockwise)

    Step 3

    Next, you want to take your floral foam and cut it to size so that it fits easily in your vase. Once it is cut, place the foam inside your vase and secure it using the floral tape. Because we want to make sure our flowers don’t fall out of the container, the best taping technique is to tape an “x” over the foam – this way, even if someone were to knock over the vase, the flowers would fall with it, and not out of it!

                                        Flower arrangement oasis

    Step 4

    Create a layout of your floral design. It’s good to have a visual picture of what you want the finished product to look like so that you don’t waste time poking unnecessary holes in the foam.

    Step 5

    Now you’re ready to put everything together. Be sure not to take any shortcuts when doing this step! Each flower’s stem should sit both, a few inches inside and outside the floral foam. This way each individual flower can stand securely in place, while having enough room to spread out and layer between other flowers. To do this, measure the stem of each faux floral against the floral foam before you insert it. Then use your wire cutters or scissors to trim it accordingly.

    If your faux florals vary in size, remember to start with the largest, working your way down to the smallest florals.

    Step 6

    Once you have completed your unique floral design, look it over one more time to fill in any gaps, and voilà! You are now the owner of a homemade artificial floral arrangement that YOU created all on your own. Congratulations!

                                        Flower Arrangement




    This article is contributed by Bloomr.

  • 5 Tips on Styling a Bar Cart - Hong Kong Style

    It is the glorious height of summer here in Hong Kong. We are all day dreaming about serving those stylish mojitos and perfectly chilled rosé to our friends and families on the weekend. A stylish and presentable bar cart can make all the difference to your entertaining game. Here are the top 5 tips we have at KARAVAN for styling your bar cart:

    1. Get drinks that come with a pretty bottle

    Many of the liquor and wine manufacturers these days pay a lot of attention to their bottle presentation. It is not difficult to find beautiful bottles of boutique liquor to dress your bar cart. For the drinks that come in a less desirable looking bottle, you can always pour them in a beautiful vintage decanter or put them in a wine cooler to add your own personal touch. 


    2. Chilled drinks create a cool vibe 

    Whether it is champagne, white wine or beer, making sure your drinks are chilled is ESSENTIAL to the success of your drinks party. Invest in a good champagne bucket or ice bucket that allows for lots of capacity to ensure that you don't have to run back and forth to the fridge to grab drinks. 


    3. Accessorise with barware 

    A simple bottle opener or cocktail shaker can spice up the look of your bar cart. It is advisable to accessorize with items that are of the same tone. For example, if you already have a metallic bar cart, placing a metallic platter for snacks would enhance the overall look.      


    4. Ensure you have the appropriate glasses 

    Easy access is key to stocking a bar cart, ensure you have champagne glasses if champagne is on the menu for the day, or if you are intending to make gin and tonics, have either the highball glasses or rock glasses available in the cart.

    5. Add an element of fresh to your bar cart 

    You can instantly uplift your bar cart by including some of the fresh ingredients that you might use in your drinks, such as a bowl of lemons or mint. To make sure your bar cart decoration is next level, put these ingredients in stylish bowls and platters that are in keeping with the overall look of the bar cart.  


    Overall, invest wisely on barware, you don't have to spend a fortune to create a beautiful bar cart that is going to be the talk of your next drinks party. Cheers!

  • Guide to Preparing a Champagne Bucket

    So many times I have been to a restaurant in Hong Kong and found that my champagne or wine is lukewarm only to discover that the staff had not prepared the ice or champagne bucket properly. Preparing your ice or champagne bucket properly will ensure quick chilling of your drinks and a constant temperature for several hours, enabling maximum enjoyment of your drinks.

    The materials you need are:


    Video: Youtube @ Everyday food

    A good metallic wine or champagne bucket can last for years and keeps things nice and cool. 

    1. Place a couple scoops of ice into ice bucket to half way full.

    2. Add a bit of water so that it just covers the ice. If you wish to speed up the chilling process, use soda water instead or add salt into the water.

    3. Rest your wine or champagne into the bucket, ensuring that the water and ice envelope the bottle.

    This fool proofway of preparing your ice or champagne bucket will ensure your drinks stay perfectly chilled. Cheers!

  • Gifts for Men

    Given that my husband's interests seem to be limited to work, rugby and beer, it was with some trepidation that I asked what he thought someone like him might like from the KARAVAN site for Father's Day this year, or even his birthday.  After about 15 seconds of browsing (did I mention that he hates shopping?), the following items were what he plucked.

    Fizz Champagne Bucket


    "Nice for when we have people round."  I suspect that he has seen them at other people's houses and would like to keep up with the Joneses.  

    Colonial Wine Cooler


    "Handy for a picnic."  I live in hope that he will organise one but perhaps when the weather has cooled a bit.

    Buffalo Bookends


    "Would be good to give as a present to other guys."  Sorry, should have issued a spoiler alert on this for any male family members who are reading this...

    Horn Photograph Frame                            

    "Again, a good present and you can never have too many."  Oops.  Another spoiler alert issued too late.  Not a lot of creativity here but he is a man of relatively simple tastes.

    Large Chinoiserie Wall Mirror


    Finally, "The large mirror."  He said it looked smart but his ulterior motive was probably to placate me as he has heard so much about our centrepiece.  

    So there you have it, if you are wondering what a fairly regular bloke would want for himself or his mates, now you know.

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